Curated by Aaron Moulton
Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

My work "Kittens" is made of stacked books (no adhesive). 16'6" tall, it is eye level as seen through the windows of the second floor... it recalls the architecture of the space, reflects institutional memory (placement of moveable walls from previous exhibitions), and geologic strata.

Participating artists include: Ignasi Aballi (Spain), Aram Bartholl (Germany), Adam Bateman (USA), Beehive Design Collective (USA), Aleksandra Domanovic (Slovenia), Omer Fast (Israel), Jakup Ferri (Kosovo), Janos Fodor (Hungary), Carey Ann Francis (USA), Rainer Ganahl (Austria), Andy Graydon (USA), Pablo Helguera (Mexico), Bob Moss (USA), Lucia Nimcova (Slovakia), Lisa Oppenheim (USA), REP Group (Ukraine), Ignacio Uriarte (Spain).